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Ok, we just made up that name, but after months of design review and iterations working with some top notch professional we figured it only fitting to give it a fun name.

This is actually revision 3 with the first having been created about 4 years ago. One day the thought came up, if a kid comes to the beach in a wheelchair, why can’t they surf in a chair. Prior to this we would lay the kids down and prop them up with all kinds of padding and/or sometimes have an extra volunteer lay down on the board and hold the child with their legs to prop them up and keep them on the board.

Once the idea came up, it seems like parts and pieces started falling into place. The original idea was to mount a go kart seat on one of our tandem surfboards. After a few phone calls, we were directed to a race car seat manufacture who provided a drag car seat made of aluminum for free.

We bolted this to the board and were in business. This was a HUGE improvement to the old way, but we also kept seeing room for improvement.

Fast forward to 2014. Steve Burke a industrial design professional with years of action sports product and medical device design experience heard what we were up to and offered to help. He brought a wealth of knowledge not to mention all the prototypes he made in his garage to fine tune our design ideas. Once we had the concept, we reached to get the support of Bob Pearson of Arrow Surfboards, world famous shaper for Mavericks chargers including the late Jay Moriarity and featured in the film about Jay’s life, Chasing Mavericks, Bob refined both the surfboard shape and size as well as came up with the idea of modifying the carbon fiber Formula ONE racing seats we decided to use. He grinds the bottom portion of the seat of to lower the center of gravity while still allowing it to work in our new and improved mounting system which gives us on the fly adjust-ability fore and aft as well as the seat angle.

rocky-surfchair3 Bob-Brooks-2-surfchairs-ready-for-action 20140530_114916

We currently have 3 of the new Surfchair 2000 models in the line up made possible with a very generous donation from I Padrini di Antonello, an Orange county group who underwrites a significant portion of our Orange county events and from a grant from the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation.

We hoped that our design updates would improve the surfability as well as the easy in mounting and adjusting the seats on the boards. We’re super stoked to report that we have received nothing but rave reviews from our tandem surfchair captains. The hard work paid off and now lots of kids will be catching waves in style cruising on the Surfchair 2000. It’s a thrilling ride!

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