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Best Day Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit (Tax-ID 87-4526520)

Sponsoring the Best Day Foundation shows that a corporation is committed to supporting those with disabilities and promoting inclusivity. This can help enhance the company’s reputation, particularly among consumers who are looking to do business with companies that share their values. This will also provide a corporation with an opportunity to reach new audiences and enhance its brand visibility.

At its core, Best Day Foundation operates due to community support. Corporate partnerships help build strong relationships with local stakeholders and improve the company’s reputation as a responsible and community-minded organization.

Our corporate sponsors can also engage their employees. By financially supporting our events and organizing a company volunteer group, your corporation can build a sense of purpose and shared values within the company, which can boost employee morale and satisfaction.

To further discussion a potential partnership with Best Day Foundation please email partner@bestdayfoundation.org

Learn about what level of support may be right for your organization.

Sponsorship Levels

$3,000 each year for 4 years
10×10 Company logo on event tent
Naming rights for a single event
Press Release & Thank You Email Blast
Logo on event signage & recognition on promotional material
Logo on social posts
Logo & name on website & t-shirt

The Longboard
One time commitment of $5,000+
Naming rights for a single event
Press Release & Thank You Email Blast
Logo on event signage & recognition on promotional material
Logo & name on website & t-shirt
Logo on social posts

The Gun
$1,000 to $4,999
Press Release & Thank You Email Blast
Logo on event signage & recognition on promotional material
Logo & name on website & t-shirt
Logo on social posts

The Funboard
$501 to $999
Logo on event signage & recognition on promotional material
Logo & name on website & t-shirt
Logo on social posts

The Short Board
$301 to $500
Logo & name on website
Logo on social posts

Your support will make a difference that can last a lifetime

  • We are so impressed with Best Day Foundation - the concept, the consistency around organizing the event, the volunteers, the way BDF takes care of the kids/youth who attend the event. Thanks so much for doing this. It goes a long way in building confidence in these kids/youth who otherwise would not be able to experience the wild fun of water sports in the ocean.

    Danji Thotapalli Participant's Parent
  • We had such a positive experience with Best Day! My son was able to participate in all the activities (many of them were for the first time). this event was more than surf therapy for my son, it was life changing!! And I am forever grateful to everyone who worked so hard to help all the kiddos!!

    Natalie Gray Participants Mother
  • My son attended Best Day at the beach. It was literally the best day he has ever had. I have never seen him smile and look so excited.

    Participant's Mother
  • Our 11 year old son Anthony literally had the time of his life. My husband and I had perpetual smiles on our faces, watching him experience the surfing. At one point, I was standing on the sand screaming with excitement for him. As parents we try to provide him with opportunities to experience life, despite being unable to walk and talk. We have photos of him smiling ear-to-ear, sitting on the surfboard with a surfer volunteer on the board to support him. The staff worked so hard, and we truly appreciated their time and energy to make the event happen. We would make every effort to sign Anthony up again for the surfing event. All we can say is: THANK YOU!!!!

    Pam Giacchi Anthony's Mother
  • Stevie was so impacted that we had to get him private surf lessons a couple times last summer. He wants to surf and help other kids he says. THANK YOU ALL SO VERY, VERY MUCH.!!!!!!!

    Georgetta Davino Stevie's Mother
  • Best Day really has been a life- altering experience for my daughter. She has adopted the "I can do anything" attitude, and her whole outlook on life has changed. She also has more confidence and better self-esteem. Best Day gave her a place where she belongs; she feels wanted, needed, and loved. The staff remember her and greet her with joy and happiness that she's there, which is something she doesn't get many other places. I can't thank you all enough.

    Rebecca Huang Participant's Mother
  • When I signed up I thought I would help give a kid a "best day" but I now realize that it was me who would have the "best day"! Thank you for giving me this opportunity!

    Mark Ksrch Volunteer
  • After asking one of our water volunteers if we would help out by being a beach buddy for a participant in on of our beach wheel chairs, I caught up with him at lunch to thank him for being flexible in helping out as a volunteer. He said, "Don't thank me, Thank You!" He then shared that taking on the role of this childs beach buddy turned out to be a very profound experience for him. With sincere gratitude he said his whole outlook on life was changed, everything now looked different, and that he was not the same. WOW!

    Clark Tulberg Volunteer Coordinator
  • I had never volunteered before my day at Best Day. It was an enriching and life changing experience for me. It has not only changed my perception of people with special needs but, my ideas about volunteering in general have been radically changed.

    Christine Cline Volunteer
  • I vividly remember, Evan, who was so afraid to go into the water, but his parents insisted that he go in, at least once, just to try it. When we got into the water he was still pretty scared and it took some reassuring to tell him that he was okay in our hands. When he finally rode the wave in, a smile worth all the money in the world erupted and he was laughing and asking if he could go again. His mother said that he had been suffering from depression for a while and hadn't seen him smile like that in month and began to tear up as she watched her son laugh and clap his hands. She took our picture with him and hugged all of us individually and thanked us for giving her son the priceless gift of an amazing day. I will never forget that amazing experience.

    Lexi Arcomano Volunteer
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