Partnering with Best Day Foundation

Best Day Foundation is a volunteer organization that helps children and young adults with special needs build confidence and self-esteem through safe, fun, adventure experiences. Best Day is only possible with the support of generous national sponsors, local community groups and businesses support and individual donors.  To further discussion a potential partnership with Best Day Foundation please email partner@bestdayfoundation.org

Best Day Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit (Tax-ID 87-4526520)


Corporate Partnerships
Corporate partnerships with Best Day Foundation strengthen brand value and consumer loyalty and engage employees.  Partnering with Best Day Foundation shows that a corporation is committed to supporting those with disabilities and promoting inclusivity. This can help enhance the company’s reputation, particularly among consumers who are looking to do business with companies that share their values.  We are proud to partner with Shady Rays, Phoenix Tower International, ABC Party & Tent, MEB and East Coast Surety

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Local Community Groups & Businesses
Collaborations and support from local community groups and businesses is the backbone of our success. Many of these supporters provide financial support, in kind donations or groups of volunteers to help at an event. Our local businesses supporters often supply us with snacks, beverages, and meals for our events.

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Major Individual, Family & Foundations Donors
Philanthropic investments from committed individuals, families and foundations allow Best Day Foundation to ensure our impact continues into the future. We are honored to work with committed individuals, families, foundations and institutions that are committed to supporting those with disabilities and promoting inclusivity.

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Your Support Will Make a Difference that Can Last a Lifetime

  • We had such a positive experience with Best Day! My son was able to participate in all the activities (many of them were for the first time). this event was more than surf therapy for my son, it was life changing!! And I am forever grateful to everyone who worked so hard to help all the kiddos!!

    Natalie Gray Participants Mother
  • My son attended Best Day at the beach. It was literally the best day he has ever had. I have never seen him smile and look so excited.

    Participant's Mother
  • I had never volunteered before my day at Best Day. It was an enriching and life changing experience for me. It has not only changed my perception of people with special needs but, my ideas about volunteering in general have been radically changed.

    Christine Cline Volunteer
  • The Best Day Foundation continues to impress me each and every year I volunteer. I've grown to fall in the love with the organizations goals and members. I look forward each and every year to spending time volunteering.

    Matthew Mancini Volunteer
  • I could write a whole book about how it has given my son Miles confidence and self esteem, and how I am in awe of him and your program. I just wanted to say thank you for making this happen.

    Tanya Miles' Mother
  • If there are any more Best Days, I'll be there, those two days were life changing!
    Michael First-time volunteer
  • One of our families e-mailed me and said it was the BEST day ever for them and their son, Josh. Thanks again for offering this wonderful experience for our families again... We think it’s amazing what you do and it’s an experience that lasts a lifetime for our kiddos.

    Kellie Director - Community Relations, Down Syndrome Association of OC
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